My son started preschool at Light of Christ in March 2021 and it has changed his life. What first drew me to the school is how the teachers all have their Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, mostly (if not all) from Concordia University. These are women who genuinely care and are passionate about educating our children from an evidence-based standpoint while also nurturing their hearts and minds in Christ. In addition to his traditional education, my son's teachers have helped with potty training and improving his confidence to ask for help etc. We love his teachers and it's heartwarming to see how they love him too! Mrs. G, the director, has been so accommodating to us and was very open and flexible with our schedule. My son's teacher, Mrs. Vick, has such a kind heart while also encouraging my son to grow and be brave.

This is the preschool where everybody knows your name. Every time I pick my son up from school, all the teachers say hello to me and know exactly who my son is. I am reminded every day when I take my son to preschool that we made the right choice to send him to Light of Christ. It's truly a little gem in Irvine!

Laura L.

My daughter has been attending Light of Christ for over a year. At the beginning she didn't want me to leave, now she's practically pushing me out the door! Light of Christ has given her confidence, comfort, and a foundation to trust in the Lord. The teachers are all amazing and patient with the kids. She is really going to miss LOC when she moves up to elementary school next year. We love you LOC!!

Jaimie K.

As a pediatric healthcare professional, I have the privilege of speaking to many parents about their experiences with all things kid-related, including preschools. When parents spoke about Light of Christ Preschool, their faces lit up and they were effusive in telling me how loving and nurturing the teachers are at the school. It was clear in our minds that when it was time for our daughter to start school, she was going to Light of Christ. Prior to enrolling, we did our due diligence, interviewed and toured a few of the other highly recommended schools, but we were disappointed by their contractual undertones. In contrast, our first phone call with Mrs. G, the school director, was one of warmth and accommodation - only confirming what other parents have been telling me all these years.

Our daughter has been with Light of Christ for more than a year and we are incredibly happy with the school. In just the first two weeks of her enrollment, we saw a huge surge in her language development. She had confidence to speak up for herself and share her thoughts and feelings. It's a testament to how loving the teachers are with the students and how they truly give each child a voice.

Mrs. Vick is our daughter's current teacher and she is so fun with the children. She teaches the kids real life applications of what evaporation means and mathematics through graphing the children's preferences of the different varieties of apples. Logic and problem solving skills are taught to the little ones in a creative way that is both applicable and graspable.

Light of Christ has also been incredibly careful with our daughter's food allergies. At lunch time, they are mindful to separate our daughter in the event a fellow friend has a peanut butter sandwich. If they are cooking at school, the teachers will call us and share with us which ingredients are being used for the meal. As parents who carry an epi-pen, the teachers' vigilance relieves our fear. We know she is in good hands.

We have been very happy with our experiences with Light of Christ Preschool and consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this neighborhood gem. Highly recommend!

Yvonne L.