BrendaMy name is Brenda Ruehs, and I am the two's teacher. Welcome to our class! Light of Christ Preschool offers a Half-day and Full-day 2-year-old developmental/hands-on age-appropriate program. Click here for half-day and extended-day program options. 2537D2D8 8946 4B10 A086 FBE4684DBC46

In our 2-year-old program, children engage in meaningful experiences, connect concepts to experiences, and develop language skills by attaching words to their experiences. With generous amounts of child-initiated activities, the children can examine their world through play- cultivating wonder, discovery, and creativity. "Learning" is happening all day long!

We focus on social/emotional development, language/communication, cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving), music, movement, and physical development. Teachers help guide social interactions and facilitate the sharing of toys. Jesus Time is centered on God's love for us by using simple stories from the Bible, our puppet Booga Booga, flannelgraph, and music, allowing teachers to make connections back to God's love for them throughout the day. By the end of the year, children will have a strong foundation to enter our 3-year-old program.

Daily Class Schedule


8:00 Arrival/ Outside Play: Play Structure, Push Cars, Bikes, Balls, Sand Play, and Special Activities 
9:30 Diaper Check
10:00 Empty Shoes/ Bathroom & Handwashing
10:10 Jesus Time: Bible Story/ Concepts/ Music & Prayers/ Review Daily Schedule
10:20 Prayer/ Snack
10:35 Inside/ Outside Centers: Art, Table Activities (Manipulatives, Puzzles, & Playdough), Building, Kitchen, Sensory Table & Books
11:00 Diaper Check
11:20 Clean Up
11:30 Gross Motor Play/ Music & Movement
11:40 Pray/ Wash Hands/ Lunch/ Playtime/ Storytime/ Fingerplays & Music
12:30 Diaper Check & Outside Play
1:00 Dismissal

PM Extended Day
1:00-2:30 Bathroom & Handwashing/ Rest Time
2:30 Inside Free Play/ Table Activities
3:00 Outside Time & Cleanup
4:30 Inside Activities/ Closing
5:00 Dismissal