My name is Sierra Gwaltney and I am the three's teacher. Welcome to our class! Light of Christ Preschool offers a Half-day and Full-day 3-year-old program with potty training assistance. Click here for half-day and extended-day program options. 67645D29 0424 4459 BCF1 D36A47D6E8C0

Your child will learn so much about the world around them, how to get along with others, and what responsibility for a three-year-old looks like. A combination approach is taken, where developing social-emotional skills and contributing to the classroom are just as important as academics. 

Our curriculum includes two essential areas: Social-Emotional Learning (teaching children to recognize/express their feelings, wants/needs, self-regulate when upset, etc.) and Independent Life Skills (independently using the bathroom, getting dressed, putting our things away, etc.). Establishing positive character traits, including how to be responsible, is vital for becoming productive, caring adults.C95D6A7B C130 425E 849C 63A407155349

Academics are introduced through hands-on activities that incorporate fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creative expression, literacy skills, math skills, and science exploration. The children will also hear simple stories from the Bible, and teachers will make connections back to God's love for them throughout the day.

By the end of the year, children are ready to move on to the 4-year-old program.

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Daily Class Schedule


8-9 Arrival/ Outside Play: Play Structure, bikes, balls, sand play & special Activities
9:30 Pull-Up Check
10:00 Empty Shoes/ Bathroom & Handwashing
10:10 Opening: Jesus Time & Prayers/ Music/ Job Helpers/ Review of Daily Schedule
10:25 Prayer/ Snack/ Question of the Day
10:35 Inside Centers: Art, Building, Home, Table Activities, Sensory Table, Science & Math Play
11:00 Pull-Up Check/ Bathroom & Handwashing 
11:30 Clean Up
11:40 Share Bag (show & tell)      
11:50 Closing: Storytime/ Gross Motor Activities/ Music
12:00 Bathroom & Handwashing/ Lunch/ Outside Play
1:00   Dismissal 

 PM Extended Day
1:00 Bathroom & Handwashing/ Rest Time
2:30 Inside Free Play/ Table Activities
3:00 Bathroom & Handwashing/ Snack
3:30 Outside Time & Cleanup
4:30 Inside Activities/Closing
5:00 Dismissal